A unique approach to consultancy.

Ready to collaborate on your next project?

Speckel Consulting (previously Fabric First Pty Ltd) provides collaboration consultation services to engineers, architects, builders and fabricators.

Our collaboration philosophy is simple. Add value every time. We will answer any sustainable design question, modelling or report-related Speckel service offerings (energy modelling, daylight modelling, life cycle modelling or condensation modelling) within a set number of hours. We built the platform and have lots of experience, so we are very efficient.

For example, purchase 10 hour pack, and we can provide the H1 compliance or JV3 service and undertake daylight modelling or a life cycle assessment! We will even give the models back to you once we are done! You can even use our collaboration consultation services across multiple projects to provide even more value. Any yes, the more hours you purchase, the less it costs!

Please drop us a line at support@speckel.io for more info or book a demo.

High-performance design and construction.

Speckel + Other Services

Energy Modelling

From JV3 and H1 compliance to parametric and net zero energy modelling, we have you covered.

Daylight Modelling

Meet daylight outcomes for rating tools (Green Star or BESS) or compliance (NCC or G7).

Hygrothermal Modelling

Condensation modelling for walls and roofs against ASHRAE 160/DA07.

Lifecycle Assessments

Embodied and operational lifecycle assessments.

Thermal Bridging

2D and 3D thermal bridging for high-performance and passive house outcomes.

Passivhaus Design and Certification

Let us take your next project to PH Certification. Its what we do best!