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Our collaboration philosophy is simple. Add value every time. We will answer any sustainable design question, modelling or report-related Speckel service offerings (energy modelling, daylight modelling, life cycle modelling or condensation modelling) within a set number of hours. We built the platform and have lots of experience, so we are very time efficient.

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Energy Efficiency & Comfort

Energy efficiency is the backstop for all buildings, with a wider variety of requirements and aspirations. From JV3 and H1 compliance to parametric and net zero energy modelling, we have you covered.

Daylight Design

The provision of daylight design has never been more important, with more time spent in buildings than ever before. Meet daylight outcomes for rating tools (Green Star or BESS) or compliance (NCC or G7).

Hygrothermal & Condensation

Condensation is a multi-disciplinary design consideration that gains focus on tighter, high performing buildings. We offer hygrothermal or condensation modelling fin 1D, 2D and 3D against ASHRAE 160/DA07.

Glare & Solar Reflectivity

From planning to facade optimisation, a thorough design process is often assisted by understanding the risk of glare or solar reflectivity. Typical services include PV, facade and skylight optimisation for planning and detailed design requirements.

Outdoor Thermal Comfort

In warm climates, the usability of outdoor spaces throughout the seasons is invaluable. We use the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) to assess outdoor thermal conditions and provide reliable predictions of thermal sensation votes depending on outdoor meteorological conditions.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provides airflow simulations to assistance designers manage the risk of wind loads and pollutants. Typical services include Performance Solutions for buildings including reducing ventilation costs in Class 2 to 9 building car parks.


We are in a climate emergency, and urgently need to reduce carbon emissions in all aspects of the built environment. Our services focus on  understanding whole life carbon, providing design and construction services for embodied and operational emissions.

Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridges may occur where there is an interruption in the insulation or where materials with high thermal conductivity are used. We provide 2D and 3D thermal bridging for high-performance and passive house outcomes.

Passivhaus Design and Certification

Passivhaus is a benchmark in high-performance design, often a required backstop for net zero energy outcomes. We can provide services for design, procurement and construction to take your next  project to PH Certification.