Building design apps for #code breakers

Easy to use energy and daylight apps for engineers, architects and building designers
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The design platform for building compliance and beyond!

Create energy models in hours, not days, while linking verified supplier products and templates.
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Daylight modelling (building code, standards or rating tools) is now simple, rapid and directly integrated into our Building Assessment App.
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Thermal bridging assessments (wall, roof or floor) are free for everyone, super fast and connected directly to verified supplier products.
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Undertake dew point or condensation calcs for wall, roof or floor assessments in minutes.
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Benchmark embodied and operational environmental performance using the EPiC database.
Thermal comfort assessments are quick, painless and automated every time you run an energy assessment.
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Reporting is boring, so we have enabled automated, branded reports in a single click to meet building code requirements.
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Why use Speckel?

Superfast EnergyPlus and Radiance sims, so more results in less time.
Online and in the cloud, so no downloads, hardware upgrades or spreadsheets.
Secure and verified against ASHRAE 140, to meet building code requirements.
Verified product data from trusted suppliers, so no more hunting for tested data.
Instant platform support, only minutes away. Just ask a question.
Tutorials and building envelope design support, from code to construction.
Workshops from the creators of Speckel, for elements, energy and daylight modelling.

Building code compliance,
in seconds.

Speckel embeds all relevant energy efficiency codes and standards, so you can meet compliance requirements quicker than ever. Where ever possible, assessments against code requirements are automated.

- NCC Section J (J1.3, J 1.5, J1.6 and JV3)
- NZ (H1 - Energy Efficiency) (Feb - 2022)
- Total R-values (AS/NZ 4859.2)
- Thermal Bridging (NZS 4214/ISO 6946)
- Condensation (ISO 13788)
- Thermal Comfort (PMV)
- Glazing (ISO 15099)

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Tested + verified products.

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Workshops for super users.

Our elements, building and daylight workshops are provided for design teams, delivered by the creators of Speckel and supported by 15 years of design and construction experience.

Learning resources, available 24/7.

Flexible pricing, from $1 a day.

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