Energy, daylight, moisture and life cycle.

The fastest modelling platform for

AU / NZ building code compliance, and beyond.

Tested and verified.


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We enable engineers, architects and building designers to meet and go beyond AU / NZ building code requirements in commercial and residential buildings all on one platform.

Energy efficiency
Thermal comfort
Section J + H1
Life cycle

Through automation and an in-depth understanding of AU / NZ building code, our platform workflows increase your productivity 20 fold, so you can focus on the outcomes and go beyond compliance.

Speed, reliability and support.

Why Speckel.

Our platform provides environmental design workflows, tested and verified against AU / NZ building code requirements. All in the cloud and with flexible licensing, AU / NZ building code compliance has never been quicker or easier.

Flexible pricing

No lock in or geographic licensing. Cancel anytime. More.

Fast and verified sims

Superfast EnergyPlus and Radiance sims, so more results in less time.

All in your browser

Online, so no downloads, hardware upgrades or spreadsheets.

Building code compliant

Secure and verified against ASHRAE 140, to meet building code requirements. More.

Verified supplier data

Verified product data from trusted suppliers, so no more hunting for tested data.


Overnight platform support, tutorials, guidance and workshops are just clicks away.

2000+ users

12,000+ designs

3300+ projects

2,500+ products

From concept to construction.

Energy simulations.

Powered by EnergyPlus, simulate energy, emissions, and thermal comfort modelling for AU / NZ building code compliance, LEED, Green Star and more.

From planning to detailed design.

Daylight design.

Powered by Radiance, our daylight workflows are zippy. Daylight Factor and Climate-based Daylight Modelling simulations for AU / NZ building code compliance, SEPP 65, LEED, Green Star, BESS and more.

Speckel Radiance

Go beyond the dew point.

Moisture modelling.

Powered by EnergyPlus, simulate moisture assessments against DA07/ASHRAE 160 requirements for AU / NZ building code compliance.

Better than a spreadsheet.

Life Cycle assessments.

Available for both building elements and at the whole building level, simulate upfront and operational life cycle assessments using our embedded product databases (BRANZ, EPiC, Building Transparency and ICE).

Tested and verified.

Building codes + standards.

Speckel embeds all relevant energy efficiency codes and standards, so you can meet compliance requirements quicker than ever.


Design whole buildings in the browser against for energy, life cycle, daylight and moisture.


Total R-value (AS/NZ 4859.2/ NZ 4214), thermal bridging (NZS 4214/ISO 6946) and moisture assessments (ISO 13788 / DA07).


Total R-value (AS/NZ 4859.2/ NZ 4214/CIBSE Guide A).


Total R-value (AS/NZ 4859.2/ NZ 4214) and thermal bridging (NZS 4214/ISO 6946) assessments.


ISO 15099 total U-value assessments for glazing (AU only).

Tested + verified products.

You'll be in great company.

We work with building envelope product suppliers to review testing data and make it available across the platform.

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