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The Environmental design platform for code and beyond!

We create environmental design apps for engineers, architects and building designers to meet and go beyond building code requirements. Our purpose is to encourage better design practice by combining apps, workflows and project management, all in one place.

Explore our environmental design apps for free or under flexible plans, to assess thermal, daylight, condensation, life cycle and other aspects that impact building performance, health and durability.

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Why Speckel?

From free to flexible
Fast and verified sims
Superfast EnergyPlus and Radiance sims, so more results in less time.
Building code compliant
Secure and verified against ASHRAE 140, to meet building code requirements.
Tutorials and workshops
Instant platform support, tutorials, guidance and workshops are just clicks away.

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Testing and standards

Building code compliance, in seconds.

Speckel embeds all relevant energy efficiency codes and standards, so you can meet compliance requirements quicker than ever. Where ever possible, assessments against code requirements are automated.

- NCC Section J (J1.3, J 1.5, J1.6 and JV3)
- NZ (H1 - Energy Efficiency)
- Total R-values (AS/NZ 4859.2)
- Thermal Bridging (NZS 4214/ISO 6946)
- Condensation (ISO 13788)
- Thermal Comfort (PMV)
- Glazing (ISO 15099)

Opportunities, events and activities

News and webinars

June 1, 2022

Studies: Batch and Parametric Simulations

June 3, 2022

JV3 Modelling in 1 Hour: Practical Workshop

June 8, 2022

H1 Energy Efficiency - Typologies and Solutions

June 10, 2022

Daylight Modelling in 1 Hour: Practical Workshop

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