End-to-end building
envelope modelling for
design teams!!
Enabling building designers to rapidly simulate daylight and energy efficiency performance against building code requirements.

Get Going in Seconds

Specify building code designs in seconds.

Combining a comprehensive product library and super cool apps means you can now simulate and test anything from building fabric to indoor comfort—all in one platform.
We have removed the challenge of energy modelling, by automating as many decisions as we can so you can get on with improving the outcomes of your project.

Create energy models in hours, not days, while linking into verified supplier products and templates.
Daylight modelling is super simple, rapid and directly integrated into our Building Assessment App.

Run daylight assessments against building code, standards or rating tools, with as little as 2 clicks of a mouse.
Is timber better than steel? Can i use thermal breaks to improve my designs?

By automating as many decisions as we can so you can get on with improving the outcomes of your project without wondering if you have got those thermal bridging details correct.

Create wall, roof or floor systems in minutes, not days, while linking into verified supplier products and templates.
My designs are great thermally, but what about moisture? Where is my dew point and how cold does my design get?

You can now undertake condensation assessments in minutes, not days, while linking into verified supplier products and templates.
How much embodied energy, ghg or water does my design have? Is concrete better than steel?

We enable lifecycle assessments of all wall systems, so you can benchmark the embodied and operational environmental performance using the EPiC database.
Do you meet code thermal comfort requirements? Will occupants be comfortable or is there a risk of overheating?

Undertaking thermal comfort assessments are quick, painless and automated everytime you run a energy assessment.
Does anyone like producing reports? Want them automated for you? Want to add your own branding?

Create compliance reports in seconds, with a simple click and download.

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1800 +
supplier products

Navigate I Design I Specify

Design and specify with Speckel.

For novices and experts alike
An easy to use, specification platform for architects, engineers, builders and fabricators.
Better than a spreadsheet
Awesome web apps that enhance your workflow and do the heavy lifting.
Built to collaborate
Built to collaborate, so you can work toward common goals.
Navigate the building code
Our unique Guide allows rapid navigation of building envelope design, from code to construction.
Specify verified products
With verified product data from trusted suppliers, Speckel has 1000's of products to specify.
Create better buildings
Design sustainable, durable and climate appropriate building envelope solutions today!

National Construction Code

Building code compliance in seconds.

The Building Code is an ever evolving guideline for minimum performance, with lots of energy efficiency codes and standards to meet.

The Speckel Engine embeds all relevant energy efficiency codes and standards, so you can meet compliance requirements quicker then ever.

- NCC Section J (J1.3, J 1.5, J1.6 and JV3)
- Total R-values (AS/NZ 4859.2)
- Thermal Bridging (NZS 4214/ISO 6946)
- Condensation (ISO 13788)
- Thermal Comfort (PMV)
- Glazing (ISO 15099)

Up-skill and deliver

Build your skills within our tailor made workshops.

Our elements, building and daylight workshops are provided for companies and design teams, where all participants learn against set outcomes. No prior modelling experience is required but a background in building design is essential.

All workshops run for 1.5 hours and can be booked at a time convenient for you. We strongly encourage the use of active projects to be used in our workshops, so the value of the platform can be seen immediately.

Free I Comprehensive I Growing

Learning resources, available 24/7.

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You'll be in good company.

Use accurate specification data in your designs. Trusted suppliers partner with Speckel and host 1800+ products on our platform.

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Cloud Based Platform

Why Speckel?

Online, 27/7
We are online and constantly updated. So no downloads or hardware upgrades, ever.
Flexible licencing
Flexible licencing, for the entire team. Pay monthly, cancel anytime. Or get discounts for annual commitments.
Tested and verified
Our code is quality tested everyday and verified in ASHRAE/ASNI 140 for a full scale energy simulations.
Speedy sims
Our sims are super fast, so you can spend time on what improves your design.
Active support
Don't fall into a rabbit hole, ask a question. We provide active support, directly on the platform.
For those looking to get trained by Speckel, our workshops are ideal to get you going.

Free, monthly and annual plans

Flexible pricing, from $1 a day.

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