From concept to construction.

The Masterclass Series: Condensation Management.

Our Master Class Series: Condensation Management in-person workshops will be held in Melbourne (31st of January 2023)and Sydney (14th of February 2023).

The sessions are tailored for architects, engineers and building designers looking to meet and go beyond National Construction Code 2022 compliance.

Delivered by Darren O'Dea (Speckel Director and Co-founder), we will cover basic and advanced knowledge in Condensation Management, from materials to ventilation systems and construction methods to assessment methodologies. Further details below.

Both typical and advanced roof and wall systems will be covered against DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings Requirements.

Go beyond the dew point.

The details

Tickets are available for morning and full-day sessions @ $295 - $625.50 AUD.

Half-day (9 am - midday) - The Basics + Materials.

Full-day (1.30 pm - 4.30 pm) - The Basics + Materials + DA07 + Hygrothermal Modelling.

The Basics
Thermal and Moisture transfer
Mould, moisture and corrosion
Control Layers
Assembly constructions and types
Orientation and drying
Surface coefficients
Air space locations
Cavity ventilation rates
Indoor air exchange rates
Moisture loading

Properties Thickness
Thermal conductivity and its dependency on temperature and moisture content, if applicable
Specific heat capacity
Vapour permeance or permeability
Sorption isotherm
Liquid diffusivity or liquid conductivity
Suction isothermInitial moisture content

DA07 (National Construction Code Compliance)
Material protection
Operating temperatures
HVAC equipment and controls
DA07 Indoor design humidity methods - Intermediate method and full parameter method
Design air pressures
AirtightnessWeather data
Exposure factor and deposition factor
Material sensitivity class and rationale
Mould index decline coefficient and rationale
Time series of surface temperature and surface relative humidity values
Time series of mould index values
Corrosion evaluation
Time series of surface temperature and surface relative humidity values

Hygrothermal Modelling
Geography and climateInternal conditions
Orientation and exposure
Surface transfer and initial conditions
Sources and sinks
Cavity air exchange rates
Infiltration and exfiltration
WUFI 1D and 2D
Speckel Moisture Assessments