Energy, daylight and life cycle.

The building assessment app.

Tested and verified against ASHRAE 140, the Building Assessment App is for simple and complex buildings, with a unique post-processor to automate AU/NZ building code compliance.

After H1 Energy Efficiency or Section J JV3 simulations? Workflows 20 X faster than a standard desktop solution? Energy, daylight and life cycle assessments all in one place? In that case, the Building Assessment app is for you.

From concept to construction.


Design with your plans and drawings. Using our CAD interface, import and calibrate your floor plans, add and edit zones, nominate grid settings, set viewer preference and get results fast.

- Import A Drawing Underlay
- Matching Underlays
- Position Underlays
- Calibrate A Drawing
- Controlling Layers
- Building Rotation
- Set An Origin
- Edit Grid Settings
- Draw A Zone
- Set A Zone Height
- Controlling Layers
- 3D View

Better admin , high productivity.


Rapid administration of your model enables enhanced productivity and confidence. Name, set zone colours and opacity, to make your model easier to understand and share with others.

- Review Zones and Aspects
- Filter Zones
- Filter Aspects
- Locate Coordinates
- Define A Zones Purpose
- Duplicate Drawings

Copy specs in seconds.


Simplifying model specifications with tagging. This unique feature enables copying information across your model space, for better control and faster delivery.

- Use Tagging
- Create Tags
- Specify Tags
- Apply Tags

The fastest way to model.

Levels + Roofs

Activate drawings and stack building levels, enabling cleaner, error-free modelling.

- Add Building Levels To Your Model
- Add a Roof

Flexible shading for complex designs.


Using our CAD interface, draw your PV area and specify. It's that easy. Activate local and site shading, in any horizontal or vertical configuration.

- Simulate Shading Multipliers
- Add Local Shading
- Add Local Aspect Shading
- Add Site Shading To Your Model
- Control Site Shading

Reduce GHG emissions.


Specify site or building solar PV as part of a compliance or low energy building strategy.

- Add Renewable Energy To Your Model

Rapid optimisation across your model.


Specify your building envelope at the building or local aspect level, enabling flexibility and rapid design changes.

- Add Glazing
- Add Walls
- Add Air Floors
- Add Air Walls
- Add Skylights
- Add Opaque Doors
- Add Glazed Doors
- Set Zone Specific Floors/Roofs

Building code to custom.


Maximum control for occupancy, lighting equipment and HVAC.
Set and adjust building code profiles to maximise and better understand solar PV strategies.

Ready to go with templates .


Set and forget HVAC templates, including Ideal Loads, Variable Refrigerant Flow and Package Variable Air Volume. Additional HVAC templates will be released in March 23.

Post-processed and ready to export.


Building code compliance the easy way. Run your simulation in EnergyPlus and get rapid feedback and bespoke automated reporting.

- Compare Geometry
- Export IDF Files
- Export DXF Files
- Export Reports
- Undertake A J1.5 Deemed-To-Satisfy Assessment
- Undertake A Daylight Factor Assessment
- Undertake a JV3 assessment

Without the sales pitch.

The 20-minute demo.

Our demo sessions provide a platform overview, not a sales pitch, typically used as an opportunity to ask broad or technical questions about Speckel features, testing and building code compliance.

Simply hit the Book a Demo button below and select 'Demo I General Support', select a date and time, and we will handle the rest.