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September 21, 2021
Insulation: Providing Thermal Control and Moisture Management

While not top of the list in terms of control layer priorities, thermal control and moisture are heavily impacted by insulation choice and thermal bridging of wall and roof systems. Different climates offer different levels of National Construction Code requirements and risks.

Within this education session, we will build your knowledge in the following:‍

- National Construction Code requirements

- Insulation testing (AS/NZS 4859.1) and thermal resistance (AS/NZS 4859.2) and thermal bridging (NZS 4214) calculations

- Poor, medium and high performing wall and roof systems

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September 30, 2021
JV3 Modelling: Still Required for Moderately Glazed Projects?

JV3 modelling (fabric only), now available on Speckel, has been a bedrock of the ESD consultant for a decade. With the added flexibility of the National Construction Code DTS provisions, is JV3 modelling still required for projects with moderate mid-performance glazing? Is DTS a cheaper and better solution for your projects?

Within this session, we will build your knowledge in the following:

- National Construction Code 2019 requirements for energy efficiency (J 1.5 and JV3)

- A framework to identify when to undertake DTS or JV3 pathways

- The additional requirements for Performance Based Design Brief's (PBDB’s).

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